Our Services

Here at Abbey Naidoo and Company, no issue is too big or too small.

Drafting of Contracts

  • Partnership Contracts
  • Business Contracts
  • Sale of Businesses
  • Sale of Members interests
  • Joint Venture Contracts
  • Suretyships
  • Sale of Immovable Property
  • Sale of Movable Property

Civil Proceedings

  • Instituting Civil Proceedings
  • Defending Civil Proceedings
  • Applications 
  • Civil Proceedings in the High Court  
  • Civil Proceedings in the Magistrates' Court


Administration of Deceased Estates/Trusts

  • Administration of Deceased Estates 
  • Establishment/Registration of Trusts

Criminal Representation 

  • Bail Applications
  • Legal Representation at Trial


  • Drafting of Antenuptial Contracts
  • Authentication of International Documents
  • Notarial Certification  


  • Drafting of Sale Agreements
  • Transfer of Property
  • Transfer of Sectional Title Property